Photo by Devin Helen Boudoir

Photo by Devin Helen Boudoir


I’m Nat, the crazy one behind the lens.

I'm so glad you decided to pop by.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thanks for clicking through to see if I’m a robot or not. I’m real, don’t worry. I’m Nat, like the bug. I’m the crazy blonde behind the lens. Let’s cut to the good stuff, I love coffee, breakfast food and anything fried but also love kale and salmon. Im weird, I know! I’m a sucker for cheap beer and live music. I was born and raised in small town Iowa but love to travel
(just like everyone else, ha!).

I’m tall, goofy and dress like Meg Ryan from “You’ve God Mail”. Sometimes I get really big words mixed up. Netflix is my weakness and I have no shame in reaping New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy or The Office. I love cheesy humor and romantic comedies.

For the boring stuff, I graduated from University of Dubuque with a business / marketing degree back in 2011 (I’m old) and played 4 yrs of D3 soccer. I really “went” to play soccer BUT I didn’t tell my parents that (sorry mom). After I graduated I did a variety of jobs, like A LOT! The experience was awesome. It taught me work ethic, disciple, respect and passion for what I’m doing now.

So, here I am in the photography extremely amazing humans and growing my community on social media along with it. I specialize in weddings, lifestyle and portrait photography. I will be going into to my 3rd year of my business for 2020 and couldn’t be more excited!

Drop me a note in my “Book Me” tab, I’d love to connect!